NFL Star JJ Watt Asks: What's Better Fortnite or PUBG?

This could get messy.

What's better PUBG or Fortnite Battle Royale? For some that's a rhetorical question, or a subjective one at the very least. But for Houston Texan Defensive End JJ Watt, it's a question he plans on getting an answer to from Twitter of all places.

Yesterday, Watt posed a question on his personal account asking, "Fortnite or [PUBG]?" Watt then followed up with a Twitter poll saying that it will be easier to see the results, presumably because he was flooded with nearly 3,000 replies to his original tweet.

As of this writing Fortnite is beating out PUBG 74 percent to 26 percent with nearly 46,000 votes. It's unclear if Watt is asking because he's deciding which game to play, or out of curiosity for the critical consensus, or if he just enjoys pitting fans battle royale games against one another, creating a new form of battle royale in the process.

The poll ends in 2 hours as of this writing so if you feel strongly about one game or the other, you might want to vote, though Fortnite has a pretty strong lead over PUBG.

It's not rare for athletes to game in their spare time, and streaming appears to be a growing hobby for them. In January 2018, Minnesota Twins pitcher Phil Hughes was caught on stream taking out Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, one of the top Battle Royale players around. Perhaps Watt wants to showcase his own gamings skills, and just needs a proper game to demonstrate them.

A new season of Battle Royale is expected to begin on Thursday, February 22 with 30 new tiers and 76 total unlocks. You can also check out our Battle Royale guide for the latest info.

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