Night in the Woods is Coming to Nintendo Switch Soon

Night in the Woods is Coming to Nintendo Switch Soon

Yes, I'm probably going to play it again. I never did go dancing with Bea.

The Nintendo Switch is about to have a rough night. Night in the Woods—which we elected as one of our best games of 2017—is coming to Nintendo's console / handheld hybrid.

Rumors about the impending release of this weird but wonderful adventure game hit social media earlier today. A preview page for the game reportedly showed up on Nintendo's eShop, with a release date of January 18 and a price tag of $19.99 USD. However, Night in the Woods' publisher, Finji, says the eShop's date is incorrect. Night in the Woods is indeed coming to Switch, but not until February 1.

I feel you, Mae. Those 4 p.m. wake-ups are way too early.

I've already talked at length about Night in the Woods' effect on me, and so has Caty. I've already gone through the game's PC release, and picked up its PS4 release (my PS4 background theme features the words "NUKE POSSUM SPRINGS"). But Night in the Woods is one of those insidious little games that bury secrets deep inside its narrative, then rewards you for whatever you find. There's still a lot I haven't seen or heard. I think I might have to steel my heart one more time and take the plunge again—Switch-style.

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Nadia Oxford

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