Night Trap is Coming to Switch 25 Years After Nintendo Said it Would Never Appear on Their Consoles


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In defiance to the words of former Nintendo of America chairman Howard Lincoln, the 1992 FMV game Night Trap will be coming to a Nintendo console this summer. Specifically the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch digitally and a special physical edition courtesy of Limited Run Games.

In a 1993 hearing in congress, Nintendo of America chairman Howard Lincoln testified before congress and said, "Let me say that for the record I want to state that Night Trap will never appear on our system," adding that, "Obviously it would not pass our guidelines."

Well consider those guidelines passed as Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition will be coming out this summer to the Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Limited Run's physical editions will be true to their publisher's name and only release in a handful of batches.

Night Trap was hugely controversial when it first came out in 1992 for its violent content, and sexual content. Since then Night Trap has become an example of some of the early government panic about violence in video games, a subject that has re-emerged under the Trump administration.

Night Trap was the first live-action movie game released on Sega CD. Players were instructed to monitor security video footage of a large house and spring traps on anyone who entered and tried to kidnap one of the five teenagers staying in the mansion. It was praised for the fluid video quality and not much else. It's pretty much famous for the controversy it generated more than its contributions to video games.

Still, it's been 25 years since Night Trap and since then the content you can find in games, violent or otherwise, has progressed considerably to the point where Night Trap is more of a kitschy relic rather than anything truly controversial.

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  • Avatar for mattcom26 #1 mattcom26 6 months ago
    This will test the limits of the frequent assertion that "everything is better on Switch."
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  • Avatar for Jonnyboy407 #2 Jonnyboy407 6 months ago
    Bob Dylan said it best. And ya better start swimmin or you'll sink like a stone
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  • Avatar for LunarFlame17 #3 LunarFlame17 6 months ago
    The part of my brain that is still a horny 12 year old is kind of excited about this. Unfortunately for the people behind this game, that part is dwarfed by the part that actually controls my money.
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  • Avatar for CK20XX #4 CK20XX 6 months ago
    Time to dust off all those skills you honed monitoring Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria.
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  • Avatar for Cabbage-head-must-di #5 Cabbage-head-must-di 6 months ago

    Reading this article makes me think of all those statements Nintendo did to cover their ass back in 93 and it makes me smileEdited April 2018 by Cabbage-head-must-di
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  • Avatar for Flipsider99 #6 Flipsider99 6 months ago
    I'm fine with that, I actually think this game is kind of interesting for an FMV game. I'm kinda glad it's sticking around in some form, and that people can still play it.
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  • Avatar for INSOMANiAC #7 INSOMANiAC 6 months ago
    My young self seeing this on MegaCD and craving it would be mind blown about having this on a handheld device, sometimes we forget just how far we've come. but when your gaming life started with loading cassettes on a Spectrum you can't help but occassionally sit back in aweEdited April 2018 by INSOMANiAC
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  • Avatar for davedalrymple11 #8 davedalrymple11 6 months ago
    I had a lot of fun with the 25th Anniversary edition on PS4.
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  • Avatar for AceOfCakez #9 AceOfCakez 6 months ago
    This and Mortal Kombat will always go down in history as the games that forced the games industry to create the ESRB.
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