Ninjala: How to Parry and Block

Ninjala: How to Parry and Block

Here's how to Parry and block attacks in Ninjala.

Despite starting off with a pretty in-depth tutorial, Ninjala doesn't really explain its parry system all that well. It's a super-important part of the game, and will often be the difference between a successful attack and complete failure. To help you get to terms with the combat in Ninjala we've put together this guide on how to parry and block. Read on for more info.

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How to Parry in Ninjala

To parry in Ninjala just hit ZL when you're being hit. Four directional inputs will flash up on the screen, you can choose between then by moving the stick in the direction you want to pick. It's a kind of rock paper scissors mini-game, where each direction beats another, but is also weak to certain inputs. We've summarized this below:

  • Left or Right attack – Beats Up, loses to Down
  • Down attack – Beats Left or Right, loses to Up
  • Up attack – Beats Down, loses to Left or Right

How to Block

To block in Ninjala you'll need to use gum. Press ZR to blow a bubble, this will absorb any damage coming at you from the front. Be careful with using the block as your gum bubble can burst and leave you extremely vulnerable. We recommend firing the bubble using ZR before this happens.

Choose wisely | Jake Green/USG

Parry System While Attacking

Something Ninjala doesn't explain well at all is that the parry system actually applies to regular attacks too. This means that the direction you input before attacking will lead to a different kind of attack. Press left or right and then attack to do a side attack. These attacks interact in the same way as described in the parry section above. Keep in mind that most players do not know this and will use up attacks by default. Use side attacks to counter this and do huge damage. For a look at the best weapons in the game, head here.

We'll be writing more guides (and a review) on Ninjala in the coming weeks. If you're struggling with anything in particular, let us know in the comments below.

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