Ninjala: What Are the Best Weapons?

Ninjala: What Are the Best Weapons?

There are 12 weapons to choose from in Ninjala, each boasting a particular set of strengths and weaknesses. Here are the best weapons you should be using.

Ninjala is a free to play online multiplayer action game in which players fight it out using unique weapons and ninja skills. You'll have access to all 12 of the game's weapons after you've played your first match, but only a few of them are worth your time. To help you come out on top in every match of Ninjala you play, we've put together this guide on the very best weapons you should be using. We'll explain what makes each one better than the rest, and give you some tips on using it.

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Ninjala Best Weapons List

We've listed every weapon in Ninjala below, and will pick out three of the best to go into more detail on later on in this guide.

  1. IPPON Katana
  2. Scroll Blade
  3. Drill Beast
  4. Corn Bat
  5. Sk8 Hammer
  6. Sushi Axe
  7. Iron Noise
  8. Drum Beat
  9. Ninja Yo-Yo
  10. Shinobi Spinner
  11. Mellow a la Mode
  12. Trick Ball

Drill Beast

The Drill Beast is on of Ninjala's best weapons | Jake Green/USG

The Drill Beast is one of the best weapons in Ninjala, boasting a great balance of health and speed. It's the Punishing Blade Gum Ninjutsu that's the stand-out here, essentially giving you a much stronger weapon than your enemies for a short period of time. You can even press Y and send long-ranged swipes with the blade. The Here and There special is also great, allowing you to sneak up on enemies and attack from cover. The Drill Beast is a great option for those looking to ambush and punish enemies.

Iron Noise

Bring the noise! | Jake Green/USG

We found the Iron Noise to be the best of the heavy weapons in Ninjala. The Echoing Scream Special freezes foes in their tracks, allowing you to deal heavy damage with regular attacks. When aimed correctly, the Fujiyama Rocket Gum Ninjutsu can be devastating, able to take out multiple foes at once. The Iron Noise also comes with the Feedback ability. This makes normal and wide attacks reset special cooldown, allowing you to quickly unleash another Echoing Scream.

Ninja Yo-Yo

Ninjala has 12 weapons in total | Nintendo

If you want to focus on speed and flanking, go with the Ninja Yo-Yo. It has the Yoy-yo Leap Special which allows you to warp forward in a direction of your choice. This is great for ambushing opponents. In fact, if you can KO an enemy with a warp attack you'll recover some life, so chaining these together is key. For our money, the Piercing Mixer is the best Gum Ninjustu in the game, sending a high damage beam towards enemies that you can reposition after firing. It's easy to take out a group of sparring enemies in this way.

Best Weapon For Beginners

The Scroll Blade is a good place to start | Jake Green/USG

When starting out in Ninjala it can be a little overwhelming when deciding which weapon you should use. We recommend starting out with the Scroll Blade as it has an easy-to-use Ultimate, and the projectiles will more closely home-in on enemies. It boasts a great balance of speed and health, so give the Scroll Blade a try! If you come across an error message related to Ninja-Gum Consumption then head to this guide for a fix.

We'll be writing more guides (and a review) on Ninjala in the coming weeks. If you're struggling with anything in particular, let us know in the comments below.

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