Nintendo Bids Farewell to the Miiverse By Opening a Special Memorial Channel

Draw up your goodbye posts while you still can.

News by Caty McCarthy, .

It's almost time for the Miiverse to take its final bow. To close up shop. To wave bye-bye to its thousands of fleeting, stylus-penned digital sketches. It's not a totally unexpected developmentā€”the Switch, Nintendo's post-Wii U console effort, is doing far better than the Wii U ever did, and it has no Miiverse bundled within it. Splatoon 2 has its own Miiverse-like ecosystem, but beyond, you'll find nothing of the sort on the portable-home hybrid console.

Nintendo quietly announced the formal end of Miiverse earlier this year, to a resounding "nooo" from artists who had created true works of art on the social, art-sharing platform. Luckily, there's a bot archiving every Miiverse post before it shutters on November 8th at 1am ET. In the meantime, Nintendo's opened an official farewell community for Miiverse, where users can draw and scribble goodbye messages, like congregating Nintendo mascots at the grave of Miiverse. (I'm sure its epitaph reads: "Here lies that digital art you worked hours on, never to be seen again.")

Users, whether artists or regular folks with a sincere fondness for the platform, are bidding adieu to Miiverse. Some are drawing their favorite characters waving so long, others are simply writing thank you to the unique sharing platform. While Miiverse as we know it will soon be gone forever, thanks to archives and memories, will it really be gone? Nah. (Also, Nintendo will be collecting selected posts from the newly opened Everybody's Message Community for a future collage, according to the page's description.) You can find more Miiverse farewell posts on the Everybody's Message Community here.

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  • Avatar for Captain-Gonru #1 Captain-Gonru 8 months ago
    It's a shame no one there ever thought to integrate it into their mobile offerings, where it could have thrived. Like the Wii U camera, it's another idea they just never quite maximized.
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  • Avatar for Wellman2nd #2 Wellman2nd 8 months ago
    @Captain-Gonru Completely agree, but I am guessing the uptake in maintenance is probably a factor in them deciding to end the service. A shame, when it was hot or had lively communities it was clearly one of the best exclusive features on both Wii U and 3DS.
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  • Avatar for Funny_Colour_Blue #3 Funny_Colour_Blue 8 months ago

    I gotta say, Miiverse was sort responsible for Nintendo finally getting off their butt and releasing earthbound and mother1/earthbound beginnings. So we'll always have that.

    it still kind of blows my mind that it was through fan effort that finally got nintendo to rerelease these games digitally
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  • Avatar for choog #4 choog 8 months ago
    I think Nintendo's marketing has realized that a Nintendo-only social network isn't nearly as useful as having users post about Nintendo on Facebook, Twitter, etc
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