Nintendo Capcom Sale Includes Monster Hunter, Mega Man, Phoenix Wright, and More

Nintendo Capcom Sale Includes Monster Hunter, Mega Man, Phoenix Wright, and More

Beef up your Capcom backlog!

Are you excited about Monster Hunter XX coming to the Nintendo Switch, but are generally ignorant about Capcom's monster-slaying series? Good news: Capcom's having a massive Nintendo 3DS and Wii U sale, and that includes discount on select Monster Hunter titles.

Now you can save money and learn about one of the most popular game series of the current generation. Boy oh boy!

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Monster Hunter isn't the only Capcom offering on sale. You'll find Mega Man and Phoenix Wright up for grabs at great prices, too. The sale lasts through June 5, and you can find it on Nintendo's site.

Here's what's on sale (all prices in USD):

Nintendo 3DS

Wii U

  • DuckTales Remastered ($3.74)
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara ($3.74)
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate ($7.99)
  • Resident Evil Revelations ($9.99)
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