Nintendo Direct News, No NES Classic Edition for You, and the Rest of This Week's Headlines

Nintendo Direct News, No NES Classic Edition for You, and the Rest of This Week's Headlines

ENDING CREDITS | Taking a look a back at this week's headlines and everything else you might have missed on USgamer.

Hey boys and girls. Gosh, we sure had some fun this week, didn't we?

It's time to get serious for a moment, though. When Nintendo announces its plans to produce and distribute hardware that looks remotely cool or fun – say, the NES Classic Edition – I want you to run over to Amazon and hit "Pre-Order" as fast as you can.

Don't hold back. Make the Flash's jaw drop. Bowl over your grandmother, if that's what it takes. Just move, or you're probably going to miss out.

*With all necessary apologies to Webcomic Name

Er, unless you don't care about Nintendo games and products, of course. If that's the case, congratulations: It's scientifically proven that people who are Nintendo-avoidant live longer, healthier lives than those who aren't because they don't sacrifice as many hours queueing up for evasive hardware and accessories.

It's too late for me, though. I'm a filthy addict.

Here are some other stories we published this week that include and exclude "Oh God, Nintendo did the thing again."

That's it for another week. Have a great Easter and / or a great time mopping up the rest of your Passover. Maybe this will be the weekend I finish Breath of the Wild, but probably not. Seems I'm subconsciously determined to do everything before I take on Ganon. At this rate, I'll probably wind up back-handing him halfway across Hyrule field when I finally kick off the final confrontation.

On the topic of A Link to the Past and Breath of the Wild, why don't we go for some relevant ending credits music?

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