Nintendo Direct Offering Hot Switch and 3DS Action This Week

Nintendo wants to outline what you can expect for the rest of 2017.

News by Mike Williams, .

Nintendo announced today an upcoming Nintendo Direct presentation. The stream will be airing on September 13 at 3PM PT/6PM ET. According to Nintendo, the Direct will be 45 minutes long and offer information on upcoming Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS titles. It will be available on Nintendo YouTube and Twitch channels.

The Direct will also include new details about Super Mario Odyssey, which is scheduled to launch on Nintendo Switch on October 27, 2017.

There are a number of planned Switch releases that we lack firm release date information for. That list includes Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Stardew Valley, Runner 3, Sonic Forces, Rocket League, Battle Chef Brigade, Wargroove, and Yooka-Laylee. All could feature in the Nintendo Direct. Over on 3DS, there's a Kirby game planned without a final title and the Apollo Justice 3DS port.

What magic will Nintendo bring us? Stay tuned!

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  • Avatar for Jonnyboy407 #1 Jonnyboy407 5 months ago
    Hype! Gonna be so much fun. I always look forward to these
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  • Avatar for Roto13 #2 Roto13 5 months ago
    Here's where they announce the Xenoblade 2 delay.

    That's a long-ass Direct, though. Their E3 presentation was only 25 minutes.
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  • Avatar for camchow #3 camchow 5 months ago
    Com'on Advance Wars!
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  • Avatar for Gamer-Law #4 Gamer-Law 5 months ago
    Hoping for a Xenoblade 2 firm release date and Collector Edition announcement.
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  • Avatar for Wellman2nd #5 Wellman2nd 5 months ago
    @Roto13 Wouldn't be surprised and I am kind of hoping for one honestly. I am still wading through a backlog of games and what I have seen does seem much further along then I was expecting but a little more polish can go a long way.
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  • Avatar for DrCorndog #6 DrCorndog 5 months ago
    Hoping for something new announced. Probably too much to expect, though, don't you think?
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  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest #7 donkeyintheforest 5 months ago
    @Roto13 I'd gladly exchange the 2017 release of xenoblade 2 for some surprises coming soon

    They may announce some virtual console type stuff too, but after the nes mini fiasco (and the current snes mini preorder business) i have found myself with a raspberry pi and a diminished interest in re-purchasing old nintendo games again-again haha (portable would be nice though)
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  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest #8 donkeyintheforest 5 months ago
    it may be weird, but i find myself closing my eyes and going la la la during the mario odyssey previews cause i want to be surprised when i play. hopefully there isnt too much about it in this, but they make take a deep dive since it's so long...
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  • Avatar for Lonecow #9 Lonecow 5 months ago
    This will be their 1-2 punch. Getting Switch out early was to help give them a better fiscal year, but for all intents and purposes I have a feeling this Direct will be what they always planned to be the real launch of the console. They knew they could glide to September with Zelda and maybe Splatoon. Luckily they got way more than they bargained for.

    I bet the plan was always to hit hard after E3. They had a good E3, but it was short, because they were planning for this. Expect some heavy hitters tomorrow.
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  • Avatar for Vaporeon #10 Vaporeon 5 months ago
    Project: Octopath Traveler, please! I'll take any news at all!
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  • Avatar for StrwbrryJams #11 StrwbrryJams 5 months ago
    @Lonecow They already did "1-2 punch" in the Switch announce trailer in January
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  • Avatar for jimgamer #12 jimgamer 5 months ago
    The Fall schedule is taking shape, and with high-profile re-releases like LA Noire, Res Evil Revelaitons 1 & 2, Skyrim, and Rocket League, Nintendo likely capitalizing on the pre-holiday season jostling for consumer mind-share. I'd expect some news on FIFA, and hopefully virtual console. I think Wonderboy: Dragon's Trap performance on Switch is part due to lack of alternatives, but the real test is how NBA 2K and FIFA do, as genuine cross platform releases. Will the hybrid/portable multi-player aspect be enough to generate solid sales rel to PS4/XBone? A lot will hang on that, in terms of future 3rd party releases. At the same time, if these re-releases show traction, how fun would it be to see the back catalogues open? Bioshock, Borderlands, Dead Space, CoD Modern Warfare could all be great fun on Switch. Here's hoping.
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