Nintendo Eshop is Down on Christmas Day

Not a Christmas miracle.

News by Matt Kim, .

If you've just opened your new Nintendo Switch consoles for the holidays, I have some bad news. The Nintendo eShop is down.

Since this morning, logging into the Nintendo eShop has led to a code 2813-0009 error message instead of taking you into Nintendo's digital games store. So unless you got your games physically alongside your Switch, you don't have access to any games at the moment.

Nintendo has tweeted an apology and is currently working on resolving the issue.

Hopefully it will get resolved before the end of the day as I'd hate for new users to be left stranded without the great games on the Switch. You can only appreciate its form factor for so long.

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  • Avatar for jimgamer #1 jimgamer 3 months ago
    Bummer for new Switch owners. Physical media is the way for me. Encouraging in as much as it means they are seeing a high demand. Maybe next year as critical mass becomes clear we’ll get that Switch port of Half Life 2 and Portal from Valve (which Nvidia basically already did for them for the Shield TV)
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  • Avatar for jeffcorry #2 jeffcorry 3 months ago
    @jimgamer I have abandoned physical media. Shelf space, scratched discs, lost cartridges, and kids have taken moved me over. It's easier, and possibly less expensive in the long run just to buy extra memory and tie it to my account. If anything happens to my machine, my games can be moved over to a new primary console.
    I can definitely appreciate those who want physical media as there are some definite advantages, but for me the cons outweigh the pros.
    Sad for those getting their Switches today though. I hope they got it back up!
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  • Avatar for Moggraider #3 Moggraider 3 months ago
    It was back up as of a few hours ago, though I ended up spending my :christmasbuxx: on Steam games instead of Tiny Metal for the Switch. Damn you, impulses!
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  • Avatar for cldmstrsn #4 cldmstrsn 3 months ago
    @jimgamer Ya the day they stop making physical media is the day I stop buying new games and finally get to my tremendous backlog.
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