Nintendo France President: Switch Has the Highest Attach Rate of Any Nintendo Console Ever

Nintendo France President: Switch Has the Highest Attach Rate of Any Nintendo Console Ever

The Switch is seeing success all around the world.

Following E3, Nintendo France president Philippe Lavoué revealed his forecast for the Nintendo Switch in the coming year and confirmed that in the console is strong in Europe as well. He revealed that the Switch has the best attach rate ever for a Nintendo platform.

Attach rate counts how much time a person spends on their Switch. So having the best attach rate for a Nintendo console means that more people spend time on their Switch than they did on a Wii, Nintendo 3DS, or GameBoy.

It's unclear if Lavoué is referring solely to the attach rate of French Nintendo customers, but his claim backs up previous reports that the Switch has a higher attach rate than that of the Wii's. And the Wii was Nintendo's most successful console, ever.

The Nintendo Switch is on a similarly successful track as the Wii. The Switch has sold about 2.5 million consoles in its fourth fiscal quarter, which ended last March. That brings the total number of Switch sales to about 34.74 million since its 2017 release.

Nintendo has taken advantage of the Switch's handheld/home console hybrid by bringing many of the 3DS and GameBoy's most popular franchises to the Switch. This year, the Switch will be getting a new Pokemon and Fire Emblem game, while next year will see the release of the highly anticipated Animal Crossing New Horizons.

There are rumors that Nintendo is preparing to launch a portable-only Switch variant targeting casual gamers. But outside of reports, Nintendo has declined to comment on any new hardware revisions.

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