Nintendo Had an Amazing Month of Sales in October Thanks to the Switch, SNES Classic, and Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo Had an Amazing Month of Sales in October Thanks to the Switch, SNES Classic, and Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo had the two best selling consoles in October.

Nintendo had a pretty good month of October considering that both the Nintendo Switch and SNES Classic topped the sales chart for that month.

According to the NPD Group, the Nintendo Switch and the SNES Classic were the number one and two top selling consoles that month respectively. Combined with the sales for the Nintendo 3DS and its spinoffs, and Nintendo hardware accounted for two-thirds of the video game systems sold in the United States two months in a row.

To add to Nintendo's good showing in October, Super Mario Odyssey topped the charts as the best selling Switch game of October. Even considering the fact that Super Mario Odyssey came at the end of the month on October 27. Overall Super Mario Odyssey charted as the third best-selling game in October.

While we still don't have the full NPD numbers for October, Nintendo's strong showing puts it in a good position entering the holidays. Nintendo has gone on record to say that a successful holiday 2017 would signal that the Switch is on track to reach Wii levels of success. Considering that the Wii is one of the best selling video game consoles of all time, that's clearly a benchmark Nintendo wants to replicate. Especially after the lackluster sales of Nintendo's previous console, the Wii U.

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