Nintendo Hits Milestone as Download Sales Exceed Packaged Goods, eShop Improvements Incoming

Packaged games aren't necessarily Nintendo's bread and butter anymore.

News by Nadia Oxford, .

Nintendo is gradually getting the hang of the digital marketplace. In a Nindies panel at GDC 2018, the company talked about how its digital sales of its third-party games for the Switch and the Nintendo 3DS are exceeding sales of its traditional "boxed" games in the US. It also went over its plans to (finally) improve navigation of the eShop.

Nintendo outlined the Switch's success with downloadable third-party games before talking about how it plans to improve and upgrade the eShop's UI for "better discoverability" in the face of over-crowding. Currently, navigating the Switch's eShop is tedious, and discovering cool, quirky games you might want to take a chance on can be difficult. It's good to see Nintendo finally wants to take the eShop and digital distribution more seriously, especially in light of the Switch's determination to be a showcase for independent game publishers.

Let's have a hand for Nintendo's big digital winners.

The Nindies panel also offered a shout-out to some of the most successful independent titles on the Switch, including the hugely popular Stardew Valley, Celeste, Golf Story, and Steamworld Dig 2.

[With reporting from Kat Bailey]

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  • Avatar for Breadbitten #1 Breadbitten 6 months ago
    I really hope this means they're fixing the severe lag when navigating the eShop.
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  • Avatar for LunarFlame17 #2 LunarFlame17 6 months ago
    @Breadbitten Severe lag? I’ve never noticed lag on the Switch eshop.
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  • Avatar for sketchlayerjosh #3 sketchlayerjosh 6 months ago
    @LunarFlame17 Gotta back up@Breadbitten here. When I use the eShop it's about a half-second's worth of delay after I press a button while browsing. It's not a *lot,* but it adds up really quickly. And the lack of any real browsing controls or categories means that using that store is a slog.
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  • Avatar for docexe #4 docexe 6 months ago
    The store definitely needs an overhaul. I'm actually surprised they haven't done it yet.

    The news channel serves as a palliative for the issue of discoverability but the whole thing is far from ideal.
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  • Avatar for MarioIV #5 MarioIV 6 months ago
    Excellent reporting, Kat Bailey.
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  • Avatar for johnalbert #6 johnalbert 6 months ago
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