Nintendo is Releasing a Limited Edition 2DS With a Zelda Game Packed In

Nintendo is Releasing a Limited Edition 2DS With a Zelda Game Packed In

It will be exclusive to GameStop stores.

Nintendo and GameStop announced an exclusive new Legend of Zelda-themed 2DS XL system that will be coming soon exclusively to the video game retail chain.

The new 2DS XL is designed to look like Link's famous Hylian shield, complete with navy blue color and the Hylian crest on the front. The 2DS XL will be available at GameStop stores on July 2 for $159.99 and the system will also be pre-loaded with a digital copy of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

Hylian Shield Limied Edition 2DS XL.

The 2DS XL systems are basically like their 3DS counterparts but without the 3D capabilities (hence the name). The XL models are different from the standard 2DS as they still keep the clamshell design of the 3DS, whereas the standard 2DS is more like a flat pad. All 3DS games are compatible on the 2DS XL.

A Link Between Worlds is a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past from the SNES era. The sequel features a unique painting mechanic where Link can become a flat mural on walls to overcome obstacles and puzzles. You can check out our Link Between Worlds review here and also check out our ranking of the best zelda games.

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