Nintendo Labo Trailer Teases Future Toy-Cons

Nintendo Labo Trailer Teases Future Toy-Cons

Why stop at robots and RC cars?

Nintendo's throwing a lot of effort behind Labo, its unique new do-it-yourself construction sets.

The Labo Robot Kit and Labo Variety Kit are both coming on April 20. The Robot Kit, which lets you build your very own robo-suit, costs $79.99 USD. The Variety Kit, a grab-bag of "Toy-Cons" you can assemble and play with in conjunction with Switch-run software, costs $69.99 USD.

But Nintendo clearly has no intention of stopping at robots and RC cars. Here are some other Toy-Cons you can spot in the trailer. What secrets do they hold?

Here's a gun-like Toy-Con. It seems something's going to die. It's got a flared opening, though, so maybe this Toy-Con's a little friendlier than it first appears. Nintendo very much wants to present Labo as a family-friendly pastime, so guns might be controversial—but then again, I played Duck Hunt when I was eight, and I turned out … kind of OK.

This is interesting. I can't even begin to guess what it is. A turbine? A movie projector?

Presumably, this bird-like Toy-Con will let you fly like an eagle in whichever game it controls. It's very majestic. I dig how the Switch's Joy-Con is a stand-in for its beak and eye. That's clever design.

I'm also in love with this camera mock-up. Is a Pokémon Snap sequel in the works? That'd be more than enough to sell anyone over the age of 12 on the Labo, I think (and I doubt kids below 12 will be upset about playing a game that lets you take pictures of frolicking Pokémon).

Looks like a racing game is coming to the Labo. Beep beep! Out of the way! I'm a Nintendo motorist!

It's unclear when Nintendo plans to unveil these new Toy-Cons, but the second the info is in our hands, we'll be sure to let you know when can have a pet cardboard bird of your very own.

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