Nintendo Labo VR Review Roundup - All the Early Impressions

Press around the games industry have spent some time with the final Nintendo Labo VR units. Here are their thoughts so far.

Outlets around the world have recently spent some time with the final Nintendo Labo VR units, and early impressions have now gone live. In our Nintendo Labo VR review roundup, we've compiled some thoughts and insights on the new VR units from outlets around the globe, so you can decide whether it's going to be worth your time and money.

Nintendo Labo VR Review Roundup

Labo VR is set to be released tomorrow, on April 12, and there's a number of ways you can purchase the new kit. If you want just the cardboard Labo VR unit, as well as a cardboard shotgun-like blaster, it'll cost you $39.99. Alternatively, if you want to go all out and get both the VR unit, the blaster, plus the camera, elephant trunk, bird, and the wind pedal device, you'll ultimately need to pay $79.99.

The majority of early impressions call the Nintendo Labo VR unit simple, but note that this isn't derogatory. The Verge says "the concept is pretty simple and distinctly Nintendo," whereas The Telegraph describes it as a "delightful, eccentric, and educational introduction to virtual reality." Nintendo Labo VR is "VR as its simplest, but also its most magical," says Eurogamer.

"When it comes to the "make" portion, the VR kit is virtually identical to past Labo sets," The Verge notes. "Assembling the VR accessories is a surprisingly fun, albeit time-consuming, process. There's lots of folding and rolling cardboard, and some of the kits can get pretty complex," the review continues.

Outside of the cardboard accessory-focused activities in Labo VR, there are 64 minigames to play in the main VR hub area, according to Eurogamer. "Most of these minigames are short, some of them can literally be completed in seconds, but the huge variety on offer means it'll take a while to get through them all," Eurogamer notes.

"They're games that are meant to be played in very short bursts," says The Verge. "The shooter levels all last just a few minutes, and even something like the free-roaming bird mode encourages you to stop and take a break every few minutes or so." GamesRadar's review agrees that there's "plenty of content for you," and that "the majority of the games are designed for short-burst play sessions."

At our sister site Eurogamer, VR veteran Ian Higton notes that the "VR goggles have a few performance issues that VR veterans will be quick to pull up. There's a noticeable drift to the viewpoint after extended periods of play," and "rapidly shaking your head from left to right can also cause onscreen elements to become blurry and stutter." In terms of frame rates, "everything seemed to be smooth and under normal gameplay circumstances I didn't notice any stuttering," Higton writes.

The Nintendo Labo VR units aren't the only cardboard accessories for the Switch that Nintendo has released. Last year, there were several multi-pack Labo accessories that functioned with their own software minigames. Nintendo released the fishing rod, motorbike, piano, robot suit, and driving wheel, which can each be purchased right now for the Switch.

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