Nintendo Launches a Dedicated Indie Games Channel For the Switch News App

All the hot indie news for your Switch.

During today's Nindies Showcase, Nintendo finished its presentation by announcing a new channel on the Nintendo Switch that will be entirely dedicated to indie games on the platform. The channel is live now and can be found in the News App.

The Indie news channel on the Nintendo Switch promises to keep players updated with any new release date information, but also features like "in-depth Q&A" and developer stories. Nintendo is also promising some "unexpected" features as well, so if you're a fan of indies on the Switch it might be worth checking out now.

The Nintendo Indie news channel can be added to your News App by going to the top right corner of the app where it says, "Find Channels." The Indie channel goes live today, so locate it in the tab and start following the good indie content.

We'll have a full breakdown of indie announcements from today's Nindies showcase later today. There were some big new titles announced for the Switch like Samurai Gunn 2, Mineko's Night Market, and Into the Breach.