Nintendo Narrows Nintendo Switch Online Release Date a Smidge

Don't expect it immediately in the September.

We've known since January that the Nintendo Switch Online Service release date is September 2018. But now Nintendo has gone ahead and narrowed the expected time a little bit.

Nintendo's narrowed the timing to the "second half" of September today. So if you were hoping the release date would be, I don't know, September 14, then you'll be disappointed.

The narrowed release date puts the release date of Nintendo Switch Online sometime in the final two weeks of the month. As it happens, there are two notable online games coming out on Switch on September 28: Dragon Ball FighterZ and FIFA 19. That may offer a small hint of when to expect it.

Nintendo Switch Online will make online multiplayer a premium feature, with a subscription costing $19.99 for 12 months. Perks include cloud saves and a selection of NES games with online play.

The service has already proven controversial with some fans. Some have questioned whether it's worth paying $20 a year for yet another subscription service when the benefits seem relatively slight. There has also been a fair bit of consternation over the lack of a Virtual Console service like the one present on the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS.

The Switch has enjoyed good press since launch, but the Nintendo Switch Online may prove to be the first real bump in the road for the platform when it releases next month. We'll just have to see.

Stay tuned for more coverage as we get closed to launch. And go here for everything we know about the price, launch date, and more of Nintendo Switch Online.

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