Nintendo Now Lets You Remap Controls on the Switch's Joy-Cons

Nintendo Now Lets You Remap Controls on the Switch's Joy-Cons

You can also change them for the Pro Controller, but not for third-party alternatives.

Maybe you want the option of remapping a console's controls to accommodate a disability. Maybe you just want it because you're used to the face buttons that commonly mean "yes" and "no" being in different positions. No matter what your reason for wanting it is, it's the kind of feature consoles should have, and it has come to the Switch.

Remapping controls is the biggest new addition in Nintendo's latest firmware update for the Switch and Switch Lite. To access the feature, go to the System Settings menu and scroll down to Controllers and Sensors. On a standard Switch in handheld mode, you'll see the options for configuring the left and right Joy-Cons independently. With the Switch Lite, you'll still be able to remap its buttons as you wish.

For both the left and right Joy-Cons, as well as Nintendo's Pro Controller, you'll be able to set and save up to five different controller mappings for each, so if you have different layout needs for different games, you can swap between them with a quick trip to the menu. You've also got the option of disabling buttons entirely and toggling the orientation of the Joy-Con thumbstick to behave either like they're attached, or like they're in single-use where up is in the direction of the attachment rail.

I've started using a PS4 controller via a Bluetooth adapter on the Switch because I've got a bad case of Joy-Con drift—if you're in a similar boat, or use some other specialized controller for Smash Bros. Ultimate or another fighting game, then unfortunately you're out of luck.

Nintendo has also added the option to transfer data between the system memory and SD cards, which should prove useful to folks who've gone all-digital with the Switch and have libraries bursting at the seams.

Even if controller remapping and storage management aren't top priorities for you, there's still one more reason to be excited about the latest firmware update: Nintendo has added six new portraits from Animal Crossing: New Horizons for use as profile pictures. Want to be Wilbur, the Dodo pilot with the cool shades? Now you can.

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