Nintendo Pokémon Direct: Preview, and How to Watch the Presentation

Nintendo Pokémon Direct: Preview, and How to Watch the Presentation

Here's how and when to watch the upcoming Pokémon Direct presentation, plus everything we know about Pokémon Stars so far.

Update, June 6: Watch the presentation with us right here!

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On Tuesday June 6 at 7 AM PDT, Nintendo and the Pokémon Company are hosting a Pokémon Direct. Thus begins the annual gauntlet that is E3 – wait, what's that you say? "E3 doesn't start until June 13?" Oh my sweet Kanto child.

Nintendo and the Pokémon Company haven't explicitly stated what's on the menu for this Direct, but since whispers have been swirling around Pokémon Stars for the Nintendo Switch since before the system officially debuted last January, we're going to guess at least part of the Pokémon Direct will address this mystery title.

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Here's what we can tell you about where to watch the Pokémon Direct, when to catch it, and what we'll probably get a peek at.

What do we know about Pokémon Stars so far?

In the absence of any official information about Pokémon Stars, we can still take some solid educated guesses at what we might see. The game will almost certainly be some kind of "complete" follow-up to 2016's excellent Pokémon Sun and Moon, not unlike how Pokémon Yellow followed Pokémon Red and Blue, or how Pokémon Emerald followed Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.

That said, Pokémon's follow-up games usually launch on the platforms the initial games are born on (i.e. Pokémon Emerald was still on the Game Boy Advance like Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire). Pokemon Stars is expected to be a Nintendo Switch title. If that winds up being the case, how will the game differ from Sun and Moon? Hopefully, we'll get some answers from the Direct.

Whatever Pokemon Stars has to offer, we're probably not leaving the island paradise of Alola just yet.

It ought to be noted there's still a chance the Pokémon Direct won't be about Pokémon Stars at all – but The Pokémon Company hasn't been subtle about the game's existence (there's even a "Look Upon the Stars" marketing campaign that features the celestial Pokémon from Sun and Moon, Cosmog) and the Direct is notably positioned to take full advantage of E3 2017 hype.

We here at USgamer aren't a betting group – too many lost houses and repo'd families – but we're all comfortable with saying "Yeah. We're going to see Pokémon Stars tomorrow." We might see some extra treats, too. Um, more info about Detective Pikachu, maybe? Or additional news about where Magikarp Jump will go from here? Don't laugh, I'd be down with that.

What can we expect out of the Pokémon Direct presentation on June 6?

If the presentation is indeed about Pokémon Stars, we should receive confirmation about the game's actual existence, the platform it's bound for (the Nintendo Switch is likeliest, though there's still a chance for a tandem Nintendo 3DS release), and how it's different from Pokémon Sun and Moon. Are there new features? A new setting? A new story, and new characters? New Pokémon?

At the very least, the Pokémon Direct will tell us "Yes! Pokémon Stars exists! Look for more information at E3 2017!"

Word to the wise: Close your blinds when Pikachu breaks out his telescope.

I personally expect the bulk of Pokémon Stars' reveal will be segregated to the Direct tomorrow, since Nintendo probably already has a packed schedule for its E3 Direct presentation on June 13 at 9 am PT.

Where and when can I watch the Pokémon Direct?

The Pokémon Direct starts at 7 am PT / 10 am ET on June 6, 2017. It's supposed to be around eight minutes long, so if you're on the west coast you can slide back into bed once the excitement's over.

You can see the presentation live at Nintendo's page. We'll be covering the event live and summarizing it afterwards, so we'd love to have you hang out with us! There's going to be free beer!*

*Beer, let alone free beer, will not actually be part of USgamer's Pokémon Direct coverage.

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