Nintendo Switch Lifetime Sales Almost at 20 Million as Nintendo's Financial Report Confirms Nintendo is Not Doomed

The Switch is doing really, really well, if you hadn't noticed.

News by Hirun Cryer, .

Three months have passed so far for Nintendo's financial year ending March 2019, and the earnings couldn't be better. So far in the year, the Japanese company has earned ¥1.5 billion in sales, up 9.1% from the same period last year. The Switch is also edging ever closer to 20 million lifetime sales.

In the recent financial report from Nintendo detailing the first three months of its current fiscal year, it was revealed that 19.7 million Nintendo Switches have been sold to date. In addition to this, a grand total of 86 million games have been shipped for the platform, meaning the standard Switch owner has purchased roughly 4 Nintendo games for the console.

Sales for the re-release of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker have yet to be announced.

As for actual profit, Nintendo took home ¥30.5 billion over the last three months, up a total of 90% from the ¥16 billion recorded in the same period from last year. Nintendo shipped 1.88 million Switch units over the last three months, which although is actually down by 4.4% from the same period last year, the first three months of the previous fiscal year was the Switch launch period.

It's worth remembering that Nintendo originally aimed for 20 million Switch units to have shipped by the end of its 2019 fiscal year, which means it's already on the cusp of beating this target.

In summary: hot damn, it's been a good year for Nintendo so far. Looking ahead to the rest of the year, Nintendo Switch Online will launch in September, Pokemon Let's Go! will release in November, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will release in December.

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  • Avatar for Frosty840 #1 Frosty840 3 months ago
    "the standard Switch owner has purchased roughly 4 Nintendo games for the console."

    Purchased roughly 4 games, yes. Not necessarily Nintendo games, though.Edited July 2018 by Frosty840
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  • Avatar for LunarFlame17 #2 LunarFlame17 3 months ago
    4 games per console on average actually seems a little low to me, considering I, personally, have bought...*ahem*...77 games for my Switch.

    I’m not sure if I’m bragging or confessing my sins...
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  • Avatar for AceOfCakez #3 AceOfCakez 3 months ago
    4 games seems about right. I got the Switch as a b-day gift last year. I only have 3 games on it (one of those games also being a gift). Looking forward to buying more in the future.
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  • Avatar for link6616 #4 link6616 3 months ago
    @LunarFlame17 That's a little more than one a week... How many do you finish a week?
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