Nintendo Releases Comprehensive Design Documents for Star Fox 2

Nintendo Releases Comprehensive Design Documents for Star Fox 2

Star Fox 2 is real and so are these design docs.

One of the biggest surprises about Nintendo's SNES Classic is that the little machine will be the official launch console for Star Fox 2. Originally planned for a 1995 release, Nintendo decided to cancel the title shortly before launch. However, it's now finally seeing the light of day and Nintendo is hyping up the game's inclusion in the SNES Classic by releasing materials related to the game online including the game's manual. Tucked away in the manual is also some PDF design documents for the game which is especially rare considering Nintendo doesn't typically release documents such as these, especially online.

The first design document package includes illustrated drafts of the starships flown in the game. Despite Star Fox 2's low-polygon graphics, the illustrated documents are incredibly detailed and wouldn't look out of place in design documents for anime mechs like Gundam. These illustrations include schematics for the Arwing and its walker transformation, including how the plan contorts itself into its new, bi-pedal form.

Arwing Transformation
Arwing Walker

The second document is a little more of a mixed-bag of different documents, all in Japanese. Thanks to Kotaku, we know that the first seven pages are drafts of what would eventually become the game's instruction manual (including controller instructions). After that, the documents lay out the various medals hidden in the game which when collected adds a star to Star Fox 2's title screen.

The last page is reserved for an illustrated chart of enemy formations encountered in the game which feels kind of like a spoiler.

Star Fox 2 Enemy Formations

The SNES Classic is coming out on September 29 and those lucky enough to have nabbed a pre-order will be one of the first to play an official version of Star Fox 2. Unfortunately, the SNES Classic is just as in-demand as the NES Classic which came before it. Hopefully we can update you when more units become available.

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