Nintendo Shares Hit Eight Year High After Monster Hunter XX Announcement

Nintendo Shares Hit Eight Year High After Monster Hunter XX Announcement

Monster Hunter is practically a portable console king-maker.

Nintendo shares soared more than five percent on Friday after Capcom made a surprise announcement that they will be bringing Monster Hunter XX to the Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter XX Switch

Nintendo shares closed at 33,510 yen (~$301 USD) Friday, marking a 5.48 percent increase according to market watchers at CNBC. This is the highest Nintendo stock has been since October 2008, and helped add $2.2 billion to Nintendo's market capitalization.

Monster Hunter XX (pronounced "Double Cross") is an expanded version of Monster Hunter X, or Monster Hunter Generations, which released on the 3DS. Currently there are very few details at this point about what the Switch version will add to the game, or even a release date.

Capcom previously suggested that their future commitment to the Nintendo Switch could depend on how well Ultra Street Fighter II performs, but a Monster Hunter game on the Switch is a pretty big deal. Since its series debut, Monster Hunter sold more than 35 million copies as of December 2015. The game series single-handedly pushed PSP, and later 3DS, sales in its native Japan with the release of each new Monster Hunter entry.

As a result, it's not hard to see why investors are excited to see Monster Hunter arrive on the Switch. As a portable system that occupies a similar territory as the PSP and PlayStation Vita, the Switch is one of the best positioned systems for a Monster Hunter game, which has historically thrived on portable consoles.

Capcom putting two of their most popular franchises on the Switch should be a good sign for third-party support on the Nintendo console. However both Ultra Street Fighter II and Monster Hunter XX are updates to existing titles, and its performance could still shape third-party support on the Switch for better or worse.

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