New Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers Offer Switch Online Members Exclusive Discounts on Games Including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

More bang for your buck.

During today's Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct, the company announced a new discount promotional system exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online members. The Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers will allow online subscription members to potentially purchase new games like Super Mario Maker 2 at a discount.

The Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers is a sales promotion exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online members for a limited time. Announced at today's Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct, players can purchase two digital vouchers for $99.99. These vouchers can be redeemed for eligible, digital copies of Nintendo games direct from the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Major Nintendo digital games usually retail for full-price at $59.99, so purchasing two games will cost about $120. But with the Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers players can get two, full-priced Nintendo Switch games for around $100. That's a $20 savings.

The vouchers can even be used to pre-purchase Nintendo games, so Nintendo Switch Online members can get two Vouchers, use one to pre-purchase Super Mario Maker 2 and use the other on another full-price Nintendo Switch game, and save $20.

Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers are valid for a year after purchase, and don't need to be used at once. So, if you want to plan ahead, you can purchase two Vouchers, use one now to purchase a game, then save the other for a future release. Although, there is a one-year time limit on your purchase.

Plan and save. | Nintendo

There are currently 26 Nintendo Switch games eligible for the Voucher including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Bayonetta 2, and more. For a full list head over to Nintendo's Switch Online website.

The Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers are sold in pairs and can be purchased directly from the Nintendo eShop or the Nintendo games store online. The vouchers are only on sale until July 31, 2019. Check out our Nintendo Switch Online guide for info on pricing, special benefits, and more.

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