Nintendo Switch Has Sold 1.5 Million Systems Worldwide, According to SuperData

The marketing research firm gives us unofficial worldwide sales numbers for the Nintendo Switch.

News by Mike Williams, .

Nintendo's latest console, the Nintendo Switch, has sold 1.5 million systems worldwide if SuperData is to be believed. The news comes via GamesIndustry who noted that SuperData parsed sales data from Famitsu and GfK, taking educated guesses at other regions and sales since then. These numbers cover sell-through, meaning systems actually sold to consumers, not merely shipped to retail.

In SuperData's estimates, 500,000 Switches were sold in the US and 360,000 were sold in Japan. They believe that Europe "isn't far behind" those two regions, with 85,000 units sold in the UK and 110,000 sold in France.

SuperData also surmises that 89 percent of all those Switch owners bought The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild alongside the system.

Nintendo's official stated benchmark is to have 2 million Switches shipped to retailers by the end of the current fiscal year, which is coming on March 31, 2017. If these numbers are correct, then the company is clearly on the way to meeting that goal. Now the system has to maintain that momentum and not repeat the strong sales drop-off of the Nintendo 3DS.

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