Nintendo Switch Is Out In The Wild Already [Update]

A lucky buyer has received his Switch almost two weeks early.

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Update: Nintendo has released a statement about this Nintendo Switch and others, noting they were all stolen from a shipment of the systems.

"Earlier this week, individuals claimed to prematurely purchase a small number of Nintendo Switch systems from an unspecified retailer. Nintendo has determined these units were stolen in an isolated incident by employees of a U.S. distributor, with one system being illegally resold. The individuals involved have been identified, terminated from their place of employment and are under investigation by local law enforcement authorities on criminal charges," a Nintendo spokespeson told IGN.

"Nintendo Switch will launch worldwide on March 3, 2017, and we look forward to everyone being able to discover the wonders of the new system for themselves at that time."

We're still two weeks out for the official worldwide launch of the new Nintendo Switch, but some retailers have seemingly jumped the gun. NeoGAF user hiphoptherobot has posted pictures and a video of his personal Switch unit, after receiving it earlier today. According to the user, an unnamed store decided to ship his system early.

"It isn't like I grabbed it off the back of a truck or anything, I just happened to get lucky because unnamed store decided to ship early for whatever reason," replied the user when asked about where he picked it up.

"Just lucky is all," he added. "However, I have no games so all I can do is flip through the menus."

The menus show off a bit about the system. After doing all of the setup stuff, like choosing their language, region, connecting to WiFi, and setting the data and time, the system takes the owner on a brief tour of using the Joy-Cons. Players can then create a user - the system allows a total of 8 - setting a new icon and nickname.

System icons include: News, eShop, Album, Controllers, Systems Settings, and Sleep Mode. News is general Nintendo news, the Nintendo eShop is self-explanatory, and Album is where all pictures taken via the Capture Button are saved. Controllers lets you check Joy-Con battery life, change Joy-Cons, or pair additional controllers.

System Settings reveal certain other tidbits. The available system memory out-of-the-box is 25.9 GB. Two themes are available for the UI: Basic White and Basic Black. The Switch has auto-sleep timers, like most other mobile devices these days. Finally Sleep Mode shuts the console down, though it can be woken again with the Home button.

Surprisingly, with no games, the user is thinking of selling their Switch to pay for some other personal repairs.

"Yeah, I'm honestly thinking of selling it. I am selling my house in a couple weeks and repairs that the buyer requested are draining my bank account quickly," he said.

The Nintendo Switch will be officially launching worldwide on March 3, 2017.

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