Nintendo Switch Might Sell at $249/£199.99 [Rumor]

Rumors of the UK pricing for the Nintendo Switch are out and about.

News by Mike Williams, .

We're back again with another Nintendo Switch report from Let's Play Video Games, who correctly called several Switch details ahead of its reveal. This time Let's Play has confirmed with anonymous sources that major UK retailer GAME will be selling the Nintendo Switch at £199.99.

This is not manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), where Nintendo gets to set the retail price. In the UK and certain other regions, retailers set their own prices. That said, most retailers won't sell a system at a loss, so you can expect this price to line up to what Nintendo would've set as the MSRP regardless.

Nintendo will also reportedly have a premium bundle, featuring more internal storage and a pack-in title, just like the launch Wii U Deluxe system. That version is supposed to sell at £249.99. Switch Pro controllers are rumored to go for £39.99 at GAME.

Prices don't convert directly over, but with current exchange rates, that would put the US price of the Nintendo Switch at $249. The premium model would be around $300 ($312 in a direct conversion) and the Switch Pro controller would be $49. These seem to be reasonable prices, putting the "starter" Switch model $50 below the PlayStation 4 Slim and Xbox One S. I would aim for a $100 cushion, but Nintendo is adamant about not selling the system at a loss.

The Nintendo Switch is coming out in undisclosed regions on March 2017.

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  • Avatar for themblan #1 themblan A year ago
    I have mixed feelings surrounding this rumor. Personally, I wouldn't have minded a more expensive NS, which would mean it would be more powerful.

    I also don't know if having multiple SKUs is the way to go, especially at the launch of a system. Some people might see the $299 price-point and not the $249 one and decide not to get it. I think there would be value in seeing $249.99. Boom; that's it; 50 dollars less than the competition. If people want more storage, they could buy an SD-card; same with a Pro controller.

    Of course, this is just my opinion and I have no experience in business or whatever. Hopefully this flies off the shelves and "saves" Nintendo.
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  • Avatar for StrwbrryJams #2 StrwbrryJams A year ago
    I largely want to wait for direct sources, but this would seem fairly promising to me. I would hate to see Nintendo roll out too expensive and be out-priced at market again.
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  • Avatar for Jonnyboy407 #3 Jonnyboy407 A year ago
    I'll take 8! Oh, Zoidberg, at last you're becoming a crafty customer!
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  • Avatar for orient #4 orient A year ago
    This is exactly what needs to happen. If true, these prices prove Nintendo have been paying attention. Attempting to compete with PS4 in terms of horsepower would've been a disaster for the price and battery life.
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  • Avatar for kazriko #5 kazriko A year ago
    $249 lines it up with my expectations. With the Nvidia Shield being $200, $50 more than that for the added stuff seemed reasonable. $100 more is within the range of possibility too though.
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  • Avatar for cldmstrsn #6 cldmstrsn A year ago
    If I can get the 299 tier model with more storage AND a pack in game? I was already planning on getting one but now I definitely am.
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  • Avatar for NateDizzy #7 NateDizzy A year ago
    If these price points are true, then it would certainly convince me to pick up a Switch a year or so after launch.
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  • Avatar for Nazo #8 Nazo A year ago
    You haven't accounted for the fact that UK prices include tax while US ones don't.
    With this in mind £1 = $1 is pretty close so $200 is closer to a direct conversion.
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  • Avatar for VotesForCows #9 VotesForCows A year ago
    @Nazo I always found that really weird. So how do you guys know when you're in a shop what things will actually cost? Is the tax marked on the label too, or do you have to work it out yourself?
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  • Avatar for touchofkiel #10 touchofkiel A year ago
    RUMOR: Nintendo Switch to cost $500*

    *Via ebay scalpers, after Nintendo intentionally underships
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  • Avatar for Frosty840 #11 Frosty840 A year ago
    @VotesForCows You pay the marked price, which includes the tax (if tax attaches to the item).
    Why wouldn't it include the tax? You have to pay it, after all.
    The only reason US prices tend not to include tax is because it varies so much across the country. In the UK (and a lot of Europe) sales tax is (an eye-watering) +20%, but it's applied universally.
    A Switch will be £200 everywhere (at least in all GAME stores), and that price will include the tax everywhere.Edited November 2016 by Frosty840
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  • Avatar for touchofkiel #12 touchofkiel A year ago
    @VotesForCows Yep, pretty much just work it out for yourself. On occasion I've seen them include both prices (like they do here in Japan), but mostly... nope. Also, sales tax varies from state to state.

    Also, since I just checked, I didn't know UK sales tax was 20%. If it were that high, I think US stores would probably include it, but the highest state sales tax is something like 9%.
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  • Avatar for nguyenthilien11 #13 nguyenthilien11 A year ago
  • Avatar for photoboy #14 photoboy A year ago
    Personally I think this sounds a bit low. The New 3DS XL is ~£180 in the UK so I think the Switch will probably be around the £250 or more. I'd love to be proven wrong of course! :)
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  • Avatar for VotesForCows #15 VotesForCows A year ago
    @touchofkiel Thanks. I didn't realise that the different states could have different tax regimes, that makes sense.
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  • Avatar for mobichan #16 mobichan A year ago
    It is nice to see a possible price tag, but until I see at least 3 titles I care about owning, the price is sort of irrelevant. I am not buying a system for Zelda. I got burned buying a Wii for that scenario and Twilight Princess (while good) was not worth the time I waited in the cold all night outside a Target.
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  • Avatar for fstim82 #17 fstim82 A year ago
    @themblan While for myself, I'd agree, remember that this is the next Pokemon system and it has to sell to millions of kids' parents. If the next 3DS were $300, you'd probably agree that Nintendo made a mistake, given typical handheld prices. Nintendo is consolidating home console and handheld here, so the Switch probably IS the next 3DS. I'm kinda more concerned that it's still too expensive for the kids market. We might see it come down in price fairly rapidly, similar to the 3DS situation.
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  • Avatar for Thad #18 Thad A year ago
    Well that should precipitate a nice price drop for the Wii U.
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  • Avatar for docexe #19 docexe A year ago
    It seems to me that $200.00 USD for the standard version and $250.00 USD for the premium version are the ideal spot, so I hope commenters above are right and it falls in that price range. Yeah, for all intents and purposes that would mean the Switch will be underpowered compared to the PS4 and XBOne, but that was already a given considering its portable hybrid nature. And the basic version being at the very least $100 cheaper than the basic versions of the more powerful consoles will give it better chances to gain traction.
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