Nintendo Switch Lite Release Date and Price, Specs, Is it Portable Only?

Nintendo Switch Lite Release Date and Price, Specs, Is it Portable Only?

The Nintendo Switch Lite is official and coming this September. This Switch Mini is portable focused, and we've got all the details on the latest addition to the Nintendo Switch family.

For the best part of a year, rumors of a downsized Nintendo Switch model have been kicking around. Now it's official: The Nintendo Switch Lite is coming, and it's releasing pretty soon. The Nintendo Switch Lite is a portable focused device, meaning it has numerous differences to the original Switch model. In this Nintendo Switch Lite guide, we'll be collecting all of the details on the Switch Lite, including the Nintendo Switch Lite Release Date, reported specs, and price.

Nintendo Switch Lite Release Date

Nintendo has announced that the Nintendo Switch Lite is releasing on September 20, 2019. The Switch Lite is going to be available in three colors: grey, yellow, and turquoise.

Nintendo Switch Lite Specs - Is it More Powerful Than the Base Model?

Thanks to a recent reveal, we know what specs to expect from the Nintendo Switch Lite. It’ll have 32GB of storage space and a MicroSD slot. The processor is new, allowing for 20-30% more battery life. The size is reduced thanks to a more compact heat vent and cooling system, as well as a new screen. Speaking of the screen, it is a 5.5-inch screen with a 720p resolution. There is currently no TV out port.

Nintendo Switch Lite Price

Nintendo has just revealed some pricing info for Nintendo Switch Lite. The console will cost $199.99 when it launches on September 20, 2019. This puts it at 100 dollars cheaper than the base model, though at the cost of fewer features across the board.

Is Nintendo Switch Lite Handheld Only?

Ever since the base model of Nintendo Switch was shown off, people have been wondering whether or not a non-docked version might be in the works. A Wall Street Journal report from March 2019 stated that two distinct versions of Switch could arrive as soon as Summer 2019, with one of them being the Switch Lite. It seems that these early reports were largely true, as the Nintendo Switch Lite is a portable-only handheld. This means that there is no HDMI out or way to connect via USB-C.

Nintendo Switch Lite Pokemon Edition

On top of the news of a brand new kind of Nintendo Switch, there's also a brand new Special Edition to take a look at. It's caled the Zacian and Zamazenta Edition, and is modelled after the two new legendaries from Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can check it out in the image above and pre-order below.

Nintendo Switch Lite is Dockless?

With Nintendo quietly closing the curtains on the 3DS, it was surely looking to offer a budget version of Nintendo Switch. It seems that this is indeed the case, and in order to make the necessary price cuts, some features have had to go. There’s no dock, no detachable Joy-Cons, and no rumble features. This means that there is no TV out currently.

Nintendo Switch Lite Does Not Support Labo

One thing to consider when looking at the Nintendo Switch Lite is that due to its smaller size, the Nintendo Switch Lite does not support Labo. The cardboard peripherals simply will not fit the new design.

Nintendo Switch Lite Has a Traditional D-Pad

Old-school gamers, your prayers have been answered. Nintendo Switch Lite will have a traditional D-Pad when it launches, meaning that you won’t have to deal with the four small directional buttons used currently.

That's all we have on Nintendo Switch Lite details. We'll be adding more info on any leaks as we get them, but in the meantime why not check out our list of the top 25 Switch games, picked by the team here at USG.

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