Nintendo on Switch Online's NES Library: "We Need to Keep Expanding"

Nintendo on Switch Online's NES Library: "We Need to Keep Expanding"

Nintendo's president shares his thoughts on expanding the Switch Online library of classic games.

One of the benefits of having a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is an access to a library of classic NES games. But with Nintendo's supply of NES classics seemingly drying up, there have been questions about whether this library could extend to more consoles. And Nintendo has given an answer, kind of.

At the 79th annual general meeting of shareholders yesterday, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa acknowledged there have been questions about Nintendo's Switch Online classic library. However, aside from confirming plans to extend the online service, Furukawa kept mostly mum on the subject.

"Subscription services are expanding even beyond the game industry," Furukawa said. "We're delivering NES games for the Switch. We'll need to keep expanding. For each type of content, we will expand while thinking about what titles are appropriate for the subscription."

So far, Nintendo has a couple different official channels of selling classic NES and SNES games. Nintendo sells classic games via its 3DS eShop digital store, through a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, and various mini consoles including ones for the NES and SNES.

Furukawa said that Nintendo recognizes the conversation around playing classic games and says that the company is considering ways of extending both its online service and classic hardware. This could suggest that classic games could be coming through both an expansion of the Switch Online service and possibly a new mini console.

However, the shareholders meeting was not a stage for Nintendo to reveal any new products. Even when asked about the reported Switch revisions, Furukawa did not comment but instead offered that "as a general theory, we are always performing development of new hardware."

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