Nintendo Switch Online Sounds Like a Hassle, Actually

Red tape.

Nintendo's online subscription service for the Nintendo Switch is days away from launching and we're finally getting some details about how the service will run. Unfortunately, those details include items that could be inconvenient to some subscribers like the fact that your cloud save data won't be kept if your subscription lapses.

During yesterday's Nintendo Direct, the company revealed some final details about the upcoming Switch Online service before it officially launches on September 18. In the full Q&A page about the service Nintendo highlights that the company is "unable to guarantee" your cloud save data will be stored if your subscription runs out.

More details about the Switch's cloud save.

Nintendo says that save files stored locally on the console can still be played and could be re-uploaded if a subscription is renewed. But similar services like PlayStation's guarantees six months after your subscription ends before cloud save data is offloaded.

In another twist, Switch Online subscribers will have to check in every seven days to keep classic NES games offered as part of Nintendo's online service. This online check differs from PlayStation Plus free games which can be played offline if it's downloaded to your console.

Let's also not forget that Nintendo Switch online still requires a smartphone mobile app to communicate via voice chat. Remember the Splatoon 2 headset? All of this combined and Nintendo's online Switch service seems to require a lot of effort on the player's end to function properly.

During yesterday's Nintendo Direct, the company also announced special NES-style wireless controllers for the Switch that's only available to Nintendo Switch Online members. It's potentially a way to keep the service competitive to other online services by offering exclusive, physical sales.

You can read our impressions of yesterday's Nintendo Direct here, including the promising 2019 line-up for the Nintendo Switch.

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