Nintendo Switch Online's NES Games for May are Starting to Scrape the Bottom

Donkey Kong Jr. and two more games are coming to the Switch in May.

The next three classic NES games coming to the Nintendo Switch have been announced. The three titles will be joining the Nintendo Switch Online NES collection next week on May 15.

The three games are Donkey Kong Jr., Clu Clu Land, and Vs. Excitebike. You'll need an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play all three games, plus the rest of the Nintendo Switch Online's NES library.

Donkey Kong Jr. is the sequel to Nintendo's Donkey Kong which includes a more playful aesthetic, and a real messed up version of Mario who decided to just become a gorilla hunter instead of a plumber. There's something ominous about seeing him by a caged Donkey Kong.

There's also Clu Clu Land, a colorful, Pac-Man-esque game where the play controls a fish and navigates a maze-like stage, collecting power ups and running from enemies.

Finally, there's Vs. Excitebike, a split-screen racing game with an added track builder. It's basically a better version of Excitebike, so if that's your jam, you'll have more Excitebike games for your Switch.

As always, Nintendo Switch Online is Nintendo's version of PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold. For a monthly or yearly subscription fee, players can get access to the online features for various Nintendo Switch games, as well as an offering of free NES titles. There are also exclusive titles like Tetris 99 that are available only for Nintendo Switch Online members.

You can check out our NES Switch Online guide for pricing details, and list of available NES games currently on the system.

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