Nintendo Switch Overtakes the Entire Lifetime Sales for the Wii U in Japan

The Nintendo Switch is a juggernaut.

News by Matt Kim, .

In less than a year, the Nintendo Switch has overtaken the entire lifetime sales for the Wii U in Japan.

The report is brought to you by Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu which reports that the Switch has sold 3.4 million units in Japan. That's more than the 3.3 million Wii U units moved in Japan during its entire lifetime. That's right, the Switch sold more in a single year than the Wii U sold in more than four years.

The Wii U's failure to connect with customers stirred a frenzy of analysts saying that Nintendo was at death's door. Nevermind the company's billions in reserves, the Wii U's failure seemed to indicate that Nintendo had no good ideas left, and only a stable of iconic IPs. In hindsight, the Wii U now seems like the botched prototype for what is clearly Nintendo's next successful home console. If the Switch can continue the momentum into 2018, who knows what other sales records Nintendo will overtake with its hybrid console.

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  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon #1 NiceGuyNeon 3 months ago
    Poor Wii U. At least you tried, little buddy!
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  • Avatar for jimgamer #2 jimgamer 3 months ago
    This means two things. 1. There are going to be a lot of people who missed WiiU who can be sold remasters of all the great WiiU games they missed (think Xbox360-owning PS4 adopters lapping up PS3 remasters). 2. Better get out there and complete your WiiU collections before prices start getting too high as everyone realizes how relativel6 scarce they are.Edited January 2018 by jimgamer
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  • Avatar for SatelliteOfLove #3 SatelliteOfLove 3 months ago
    Never count Nintendo out, never count on them.
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  • Avatar for thereal-Neolit #4 thereal-Neolit 3 months ago
    If they called WiiU a Wii2 or WiiHD we would have seen a different situation now, but Nintendo's marketing totally dropped the ball and destroyed a phenomenal console.
    I am a PS/PC gamer and the device I love the most is the WiiU. So much potential... wasted.
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