Nintendo Switch Peripheral Reveals The Good Dog In Your Joy-Cons

Some people saw this in the Joy-Con Grip and one manufacturer made it a reality.

News by Mike Williams, .

When the Nintendo Switch was first revealed, some folks thought the Joy-Con Grip resembled a dog's face. Apparently hardware manufacturer Hyperkin took that idea to heart: the company recently introduced the Hyperkin Pupper Controller Attachment, which plays up the resemblance.

Interestingly enough, the Hyperkin Pupper is just a basic Switch Charging Grip with an added internal battery and a bit of an angle to it. The puppy face isn't built into the hardware itself, it's just a set of additional stickers that can be added to the device. It's there for marketing purposes, which worked because here I am, writing about a Joy-Con Grip.

Hyperkin will begin selling the peripheral on December 21, 2018. They'll be available on Amazon for $19.99.

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