Nintendo's Switch Presentation, January 12: How to Watch It, and Where

Here's where and how you can watch tonight's live presentation of the Switch.

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In a series of tweets worldwide, Nintendo has announced the timing of the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017. The presentation will assumedly include the full details on the Nintendo Switch launch, including release date, pricing, and available launch titles. Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 will start on January 12, 2017, at 8PM PT/11PM ET (sorry, east-coasters).

You can watch the live presetation stream via the official Nintendo Switch site. The stream is also viewable on Nintendo's Twitch channel, as well as its YouTube channel.

If you're not feeling too tired on January 13, make sure to tune in to the same Nintendo channels at 6:30AM PT/9:30 AM ET for Treehouse's presentation of its upcoming games as well as our own live breakdown of the news.

Here's the date in your local time zone:

  • North America West Coast: January 12, 8 pm PT
  • North America East Coast: January 12, 11 pm ET
  • GMT: January 13, 4 am
  • Central Europe: January 13, 5 am CET
  • Japan: January 13, 1 pm JST
  • Australia: January 13, 3 pm AEDT

Looking to kill some time before the event? Why not read up on everything we know about the system so far, as well as our related opinions and editorials? Rest assured the Switch will get our full attention during and after the presentation!

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  • Avatar for Vaporeon #1 Vaporeon A year ago
    Ah, just past my bedtime. Well, at least I can clear out my work emails for a free Friday morning of catching up with Treehouse, heh. The trick will be finding a direct link to the archived stream without spoilers. Hmm...
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  • Avatar for StrwbrryJams #2 StrwbrryJams A year ago
    @Vaporeon could you bookmark the Nintendo YouTube livestream link, and go there the next morning? It'll give a link to where ita archived, no?
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  • Avatar for VotesForCows #3 VotesForCows A year ago
    Some of my friends and I are planning to get up at 4am on Friday to watch this. I should have time for an hour or two of sleep afterwards too, so its not too bad!
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