Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Works with PC, Mac, and Android Devices

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Works with PC, Mac, and Android Devices

You can use your Switch Pro Controller with your PC, Mac, and Android devices -- with a few caveats.

The Nintendo Switch's Pro Controller has made believers out of doubters, but it does even more than whiten teeth, freshen breath, and help you kick ass at Ultra Street Fighter II. As one owner recently discovered, you can pair your Switch Pro Controller with your PC or Mac via Bluetooth, too.

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Yesterday, YouTube user DreWoof demonstrated how the Switch Pro Controller works flawlessly with the Dolphin GameCube emulator. Later, he uploaded an FAQ about the pair-up and outlined a few potential problems.

One notable issue: While the Switch Pro Controller can be paired with Android devices, there's some lag in some games. Also, the Switch controller works off a DirectInput format and doesn't support XInput. That means you can't play XInput-supported games without an XInput to DirectInput driver installed.

Another issue of note: You can't connect the controller via USB, so it won't charge while you're playing.

Then there's the final problem. You actually have to find a Switch Pro Controller before you can entertain the notion of linking it to your computer or Android device. Good luck.

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