Switch Reportedly Getting Hardware Patch to Stop Hackers From Utilizing Piracy Exploit

Sorry "Fusée Gelée" exploit fans.

Earlier this year, hackers successfully exploited the Nintendo Switch. The hack, using knowledge uncovered earlier this year that unlocks essential Switch files, officially cracked the Switch. Footage even popped up of the console running Linux. As a hardware hack, this is not something that can be willed away with an online patch. But it appears that Nintendo's taking action.

According to Gamasutra, new Switch units are being released with one of the security exploits seemingly "patched out." The "Fusée Gelée" exploit has been fixed at the hardware level through an iPatch that puts in a new protective code over the boot ROM for new systems produced from here on out. The report of Nintendo's new action against the exploit, aside from its actions in banning network accounts of systems with pirated software already, was tweeted by well-known console hacker SciresM.

It's been a relatively short turnaround for the hack, considering the exploits and almost-hacks of years past of other consoles. While the renewed Nintendo Switch systems being sold now may potentially halt this particular exploit, the new Switches are shipping with the 4.1.0 firmware installed, which is susceptible to the "Deja Vu" exploit before it's updated to the most up to date version. While it's a step forward, Nintendo hasn't solved the problem wholly yet. And once a hack's out there, it's hard to really snuff it out.

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