Nintendo Switch Surpasses N64 Lifetime Sales

Nintendo Switch Surpasses N64 Lifetime Sales

A weapon to surpass the N64.

As of April 25, 2019, the Nintendo Switch has officially surpassed the Nintendo 64 in lifetime sales. The Switch has now been on sale for just over 24 months, after releasing worldwide in March 2017.

The information comes from the official Nintendo website. The N64 has a total sales figure of 32.93 million units worldwide. After just over two years on the market, the Switch has a total units sold figure of 34.74 million units.

It's been over two years since the Switch was released! Time flies. | Nintendo

But looking at the software sales figures for both Nintendo consoles is pretty interesting. According to Nintendo, the Switch has a lifetime software sales figure of 187 million units, meaning there are about five Switch games sold for every console. With the N64, the software sales figure is far higher at 224 million units, meaning there were roughly seven N64 games sold for every console purchased.

Of course, the Switch is still far from Nintendo's top-selling consoles. That title belongs to the Nintendo DS, sitting pretty at 154 million units sold, and a staggering 948 million software sales. Next is the Wii, with 101 million consoles sold, and 920 million software sales to go with it.

In other Switch-related news, a June release date for Super Mario Maker 2 was just revealed. If Nintendo does plan to launch a 'Switch Lite' by the end of June, this could be the perfect game to pair with the launch of a cheaper Switch model.

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