Nintendo Switch Surpasses PlayStation 4 Sales in Japan But Lags Behind DS and 3DS

But it still has some room for growth compared to its handheld siblings.

The Nintendo Switch's popularity keeps rising. Recent figures from Famitsu show the portable console hybrid has passed the PlayStation 4's sales in Japan in only two years.

According to Famitsu's figures, 8.13 million Switch consoles have been sold in comparison to the PlayStation's 8.07 million. This is impressive, considering the three-year lead Sony had on the Switch. With the recent release of big-name games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as well as exclusives like Tetris 99 pulling new members into Nintendo's online service, the console is poised for further success going into a summer stacked with releases including Super Mario Maker, Fire Emblem, and a Zelda remake on the horizon.

But while it's a win, compared to Nintendo's previous handheld numbers, the Switch is still lagging behind. In Nintendo's financial presentation from April 26, the 3DS was closing in on 10 million and the DS 16 million within a similar timeframe. Considering Japan is a major handheld market, this isn't surprising.

These numbers are especially interesting in light of rumors and reports of a Switch revision with emphasis on portability. A Switch that's easier to carry, as Japanese outlet Nikkei mentions in its report, could appeal to more consumers who are seeking something closer to a DS or GameBoy than a home console. Although reports say that we won't see a hardware reveal at this year's E3, that doesn't entirely rule out the possiblity of a hardware launch within the next year.

If you want to see what we'd like in a Switch revision, check out our wishlist for the "new" Nintendo Switch.

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