Nintendo Switch VR Feature Triggered by Dataminer

After last year’s discovery of VR code in a Nintendo switch update, one user has managed to turn the feature on.

Last year, a Nintendo Switch update file was found to contain a line of code which pointed towards possible VR functionality. One user has successfully managed to trigger a "VR Test Mode", which splits the Nintendo Switch screen in two.

You can check out a Tweet by the Switch user in question below, containing footage of the VR function in action. After a brief loading screen an option appears on screen to "Test VR Mode". Once selected, the screen is split into two separate displays, a technique utilized in many VR headsets. While operating in VR Mode, the Nintendo Switch displays a message reading "Please move the console away from your face and click the close button".

Now, this could mean a number of things. One is the dream scenario and that Nintendo has been experimenting VR features for the Switch that it intends to develop in the future. The other is that it is a leftover from some research and development project that was later abandoned.

Of Course, Nintendo toying with VR would be pretty awesome, given how mad and innovative they can be with new tech (and also cardboard, in the case of Labo). We'll simply have to wait and see if any of this ends up with Nintendo fans strapping their consoles to their heads and jumping into a round of VR Mario Kart. Here's hoping.