Nintendo Switch XL Creator Makes Retro '80s Switch Using An Old TV

Digital meets analogue in this weird Nintendo Switch hybrid.

Remember My Mate Vince, the twisted gentleman genius who sticks Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons wherever they don't belong? Earlier this year, he showed off a "Nintendo Switch XL" that doubles as a reminder that there are things on this planet that Should Not Be. Well, the voice that normally tells humans "Don't do that" remains absent from Vince's life, and as a consequence, he went ahead and made a Nintendo Switch that runs on a 1986 Sony Watchman pocket CRT television.

It's incredible to see The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild run on a tiny screen manufactured back when the NES was starting to take a foothold in North America. The black-and-white display is tiny, but there's no frame rate issues, no lag.

It's even more incredible to behold Vince's walkthrough of this project's "How To." The Switch is a digital system, whereas the Sony Watchman is analogue device that still uses an antenna to capture signals. To get the Switch to work on Sony's little prehistoric beast, Vince had to construct a broadcast station capable of picking up the Switch's signal.

"But how do the Switch's Joy-Cons stay on the Watchman? Oh, that requires the most advanced technology of all: A couple of zip-ties.

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