Nintendo Teases Spiritual Successor To Wii Fit... We Think?

Nintendo Teases Spiritual Successor To Wii Fit... We Think?

Get fit with a Switch band?

A new accessory is coming for the Nintendo Switch and it seems to have everything to do with squeezing, pushing, pulling, and other manner of physical activity. It's okay, we're a little confused too.

In a mysterious video posted to Nintendo of America's Twitter today, it looks like some kind of fitness apparatus is coming for the Switch. It's a stretchy, bouncy band that you slot Joy-Cons into, and then squeeze and manipulate to the joy of those in your immediate vicinity. Is this a successor to the Wii Fit?

Nintendo says there's more to come next week, so hopefully we have something to go on or at least a name so I don't have to call it the Joy-Circle or the Switch-Band. Whatever it is, it definitely uses motion controls and the gyroscopes inside the Joy-Cons, though rumble is the real X-factor.

It's also likely that this new band-type thing won't work with the Nintendo Switch Lite, which has no detachable Joy-Cons and can't be docked. Not that you'd really want to bring this around in public anyways, though the ad thinks otherwise.

You know, when I said I wanted Weird Nintendo, this is both exactly what I wanted and nothing close to what I expected. I guess we'll see more about how Nintendo plans to blast your abs next week.

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