Nintendo Wants You to Play Your Switch More to Keep It Alive Longer

Nintendo Wants You to Play Your Switch More to Keep It Alive Longer

You can do that, right?

We here at USgamer hate to add to your daily mental burdens, but here's a dollop of info that's important: Don't forget to charge your Nintendo Switch at least once every six months. There! That's not so bad, right? Surely you can manage.

Earlier this week, Nintendo of Japan's official tech support Twitter tweeted a reminder for Switch owners to give their consoles some juice at least twice a year (via Siliconera). The tweet warns that a long-dormant battery may never be able to hold a charge again. This is true for most rechargeable devices. It's a good idea to give your lithium ion batteries a workout occasionally.

On the surface, "charge your Switch" is a laughable suggestion. "Who lets their Switch drain dry," we scoff. For starters, the Switch charges automatically when it's docked. For another thing, there's always something worth playing on the Switch—Hades, for example. Nobody's system stays unplugged for very long.

Or does it? I initially scratched my head over Nintendo's advice, but after some thought, I realize it's very sound. Truth be told, I own ten pounds of rechargeable phones and handhelds that I utilized daily before I tossed them aside for something newer and shinier. I never thought I'd see a day where my Game Boy Advance SP enters stasis, but then I got a Nintendo DS. Then I got a Nintendo DSi, leading me to abandon my DS phat. I have more models of the Nintendo 3DS than I care to think about. And since the Switch came to town, well, I haven't picked up my 3DS very often.

We already have the Switch Lite. How many original launch Switches were abandoned for that slim little fellow? And what's going to happen to the Switch Lite and the original Switch when/if the rumored Switch Pro comes to town? Just one—or two—more handheld systems that will slowly fall asleep forever in your sock drawer.

Turns out Nintendo's "Charge your Switch!" advice isn't as outlandish as it initially seems. There might come a day when you want to pass a retired iteration of the Switch down to a friend, a child, or a younger sibling. If it turns out the system's battery has been permanently damaged because you didn't plug a USB-C cord into its butt for over six months, there is going to be a lot of disappointment.

There you go, then. Charge your Nintendo Switch, even if you've moved on to the Lite!

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