Nintendo's July Mini Direct: What to Expect From the Third-Party Presentation

Nintendo's July Mini Direct: What to Expect From the Third-Party Presentation

Emphasis on the Mini.

Only just announced last night by Nintendo, there'll be a brand new Nintendo Direct Mini kicking off later today on July 20. This is going to be a smaller showcase of third-party titles coming to the Nintendo Switch, so don't expect any blockbuster announcements like Metroid Prime 4 (please, don't).

The Direct Mini kicks off at 7 a.m. PT/10 a.m. ET. Although Nintendo usually announces the length of their presentations beforehand, there's no runtime for the showcase today. Additionally, there's no countdown on Nintendo's YouTube channel for the Direct Mini, so it's a possibility that the presentation might simply launch in full at the given time.

As Nintendo revealed in the announcement for the Direct Mini, this is going to focus on previously-announced games for the Switch. Yes, a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has previously been announced, but this is strictly a third-party showcase, and a Direct Mini on top of that, so don't expect announcements about any first-party Nintendo franchises like Mario or Zelda.

Could this finally be the time for Bayonetta 3 to reemerge? PlatinumGames's sequel has largely been missing in action since it was first revealed back in December 2017, but producer Hideki Kamiya did recently say to throw all concerns over the sequel "out the window."

There's been plenty of rumors and reports of Nintendo celebrating Mario's 35th anniversary later this year with multiple remasters for the Switch. However, noting that this is a showcasing for third-party publishers, don't expect Nintendo to reveal any plans for Mario's anniversary during this Direct Mini.

Remember that this isn't a replacement for Nintendo's typical E3 Direct. Eurogamer reported earlier this year that the Nintendo E3 Direct had been delayed out of June until later in Summer. You can expect Nintendo to save their blockbuster announcements for then.

Whatever this Nintendo Direct Mini might bring, you can look for additional reporting on the presentation here at USgamer, where we'll be writing up all the newsworthy bits from the showcase.

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