Nintendo's Releasing a Flip Cover Case for the Switch Lite in Time for the Holidays

Nintendo's Releasing a Flip Cover Case for the Switch Lite in Time for the Holidays

Now imagine if there was a second screen on the part that flips up...

The Switch Lite may be pocket-sized or thereabouts, but so is every phone I've ever owned. Those have all ended up with dings and scratches aplenty, and none of them had fiddly little analog sticks to worry about either. Nintendo's new flip cover case for the Switch Lite should give your handheld a little extra protection without adding much bulk.

Retailing for $39.99 USD, the case comes in gray and will be released on December 8 through Nintendo's online storefront and other select websites. Expect to see the case in brick and mortar retailers early next year—presumably, around the time Lites start reappearing on shelves after the holiday rush.

It'll be another $40 on top of the Lite's $199.99 pricetag, but remember: that'll still come in under the price of a regular Switch, which Nintendo says it has no plans to discount any time soon.

Nintendo's also including a protective screen cover with the Lite case. As someone with a regular Switch who lives life fairly dangerously (I've got no carrying case), I was glad I had a protector on to absorb a hit the screen took while on a recent vacation. After that, I sort of wished I had a spare on hand. Just something to consider if you're worried about keeping that screen pristine.

With the Switch Lite quickly racking up sales in a way that Ninendo of America president Doug Bowser says is "additive to the overall Switch business," perhaps we'll see more official handheld-friendly accessories come from Nintendo. The Switch Lite isn't perfect, but Mike's hands-on time with it left him impressed—it should have games that look good on its small screen, analog sticks that can withstand wear and tear, and good options for protecting it from the carelessness of dunces like me.

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