Nintendo's Wireless NES Controllers for Switch are Exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers

As part of the Nintendo Switch Online's Special Offers program.

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Today during the Nintendo Direct Nintendo announced it will be releasing special wireless NES controllers for the Nintendo Switch, so users can play classic NES games the original way. More details have since come out and revealed that the NES controllers for Switch will only be available to players who subscribe to the Nintendo Switch online service.

The Nintendo Switch Online Special Offers website lists the NES Switch Controllers as being "Exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online members." This is part of the special offers Nintendo hinted at during its Nintendo Direct today.

Limit one per customer.

According to the web page the controllers, which come in a set of two, will be available for $59.99 and will begin shipping out in December 2018. It also says each set will be limited one per Nintendo Account with paid Switch Online subscription, i.e. one per customer.

A lot of online subscription services offer special discounts or offers as part of its service, but Nintendo appears to be making its Switch Online service more valuable by offering exclusive merchandise through its program. How well this goes over with customers remains to be seen, but as it stands the only way to get the NES controller is by signing up for a Switch Online membership.

For more information on Nintendo's Switch Online service, check out our Nintendo Switch Online guide with prices, release date, services, and more.

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  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest #1 donkeyintheforest 2 months ago
    im just worried that black plastic attachment bar on top will interfere with my index fingers resting nicely on what would normally be smooth

    edit: wouldnt mind an adapter for the nes/snes/etc?? classic controllers like how they worked for wii/wiiu VCEdited September 2018 by donkeyintheforest
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  • Avatar for Captain-Gonru #2 Captain-Gonru 2 months ago
    I guess this makes sense. They said they're only for the NES games you get through the service, so why sell them elsewhere. This could help only put them in the hands of the people who will actually use them, and not scalpers.
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  • Avatar for ericspratling56 #3 ericspratling56 2 months ago
    Something like this will likely be necessary because Nintendo tends to refuse to re-map their NES-style face buttons to four-button controller setups.

    The equivalent of the NES' B-A is Y-B on the Switch (as well as the SNES, the DS family, etc) in terms of how our thumbs are aligned, but if the NES Classics released for Nintendo Online are done anything like on the 3DS' NES Remix collection, I'm going to be fighting decades of muscle memory while playing them. Oh Nintendo, why do you vex me so.
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  • Avatar for TimMiller #4 TimMiller 2 months ago
    Deleted November 4000 by Unknown
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  • Avatar for vihaan #5 vihaan 2 months ago
    I grabbed much information about Nintendo's wireless NES controllers and would like to purchase it.
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  • Avatar for urbanman2004 #6 urbanman2004 2 months ago
    Meh, I'll pass
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