Nioh 2 Beta - How to Play the Open Beta

Nioh 2 Beta - How to Play the Open Beta

Here’s our guide to the new Nioh 2 Beta, including dates, details and rewards.

Sequel to the 2017 yokai slash-em-up, the open beta for Nioh 2 is out very soon, promising to build on the high-intensity action of the original. We’ll be going over what to expect, as well as where and when you can access it over the next few days.

Nioh 2 Beta Times

Nioh 2’s beta is open to all who want to try it, beginning on the 1 November 2019 and lasting until 10 November. Neither Team Ninja, Koei Tecmo or Sony have yet given any specifics about what time of day it’ll be released, meaning that those who are particularly eager to play will have to keep a close eye on their screens.

Beta Rewards: The Mark of the Demon Slayer

Like the first game, Nioh 2 promises a fast-paced third person action game based around Japanese mythology, with a notable focus on character customisation and creating the type of fighter you want to play as. The full game will be out 13 March 2020, and developers Team Ninja have said that those who complete the beta will be granted “The Mark of the Demon Slayer,” which will allow players to unlock the special Kamaitachi helmet in the main game. However, the limited length of the beta means that those who want the Kamaitachi will have to complete it soon.

Nioh 2's beta promises to award the best players "The Mark of the Demon Slayer." | Koei Tecmo Games / Team Ninja/Sony Interactive Entertainment

How to Download the Nioh 2 Beta

The beta trial is exclusive to the PS4 and can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store from 1 November. There is no indication so far on the file size of the Beta, and currently the PlayStation Store does not allow players to pre-load the trial beta.

What You Can Do In the Nioh 2 Beta

Nioh 2’s beta supposedly contains several areas through which players can explore and encounter various opponents, as well as multiple weapons including the new “Switchglaive,” and an area called “The Interim” that allows players to choose their weapons and practice with them before moving on. When ready, players can then move into an autumnal castle area named Sunomata, which they will have to beat in order to claim the Mark of the Demon Slayer - so presumably there’ll be some demons somewhere in there. The beta also comes with a survey to report feedback and any bugs, should they crop up.

If you’re excited about Nioh 2, why not check out our review of the first game? In fact, the original Nioh is out on PS Plus on 5 November, and you can find out more about that, as well as what other games are available, at our comprehensive guide.

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