Nioh 2: Combat and Weapon Stances Explained

Nioh 2: Combat and Weapon Stances Explained

We explain which stance you should pick when going into a fight.

When playing Nioh 2, different stances in combat will affect how you fight and how you can get certain advantages in battle. We'll explain combat and weapon stances here, how to change stances and when you should do so.

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What's the Difference Between Combat Stances?

Stances are basically fighting styles your character can swap between, each one of which changes how they use their weapon and prioritising certain elements over others. Like transforming into a Yokai, it's one of those things that makes Nioh 2's combat infamously layered and complex. You'll have these options to pick from:

Stances are indicated by the white figures in the lower-right hand side of the screen. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Koei Tecmo Games/Team Ninja/Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • High Stance: This is focused on high damage, usually taking the form of powerful, slow strikes that often knock enemies back.
  • Medium Stance: This pose is designed with defense in mind, blocking fast and ensuring that attacks can be rebuffed properly.
  • Low Stance: Low stance prioritises manoeuvrability and agility above all else, allowing for quick dodges and quicker movement.

What stance you're in is indicated by the translucent icon on the right. Certain weapons - such as the Switchglaive - actually change form depending on what stance you're in. When you get a new weapon, try it in all three stances to see how your performance changes and what you can expect from it.

How to Change Stance

You can change your stance at any point by pressing R1 and one of the following buttons:

  • R1+Triangle: High Stance
  • R1+Square: Medium Stance
  • R1+X: Low Stance

By pressing R1+Circle you won't adopt a new pose, just sheathe your weapon. Experiment with different stances, and hopefully you'll find the one that gets you to that next shrine - hopefully.

There's more to find out about Nioh 2 on USG. You can see Kat's interview with the producer, Fumihiko Yasuda, right here, or take a look at Hirun's story on all the DLC we can expect coming up.

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