Nioh 2: How to Beat Ryomen Sukuna

Nioh 2: How to Beat Ryomen Sukuna

The four-armed blue and red boss of Nioh 2 is one of its nastiest. We'll show you how to defeat him here.

The Nioh 2 Mission "The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno" ends with an enormously difficult fight with Ryomen Sukuna, the four-armed titan made of two people smashed together. We'll take you through how to beat Ryomen Sukuna, as well as the best weapons and techniques to use.

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How to Beat Ryomen Sukuna

Sukuna is an example of patience being key, making careful strikes and avoiding his high-power attacks. This boss uses a combination of whirling strikes and explosive ranged attacks, many of which can kill in a couple of hits or less.

When fighting Sukuna, we found that the best option was a high-damage axe or hammer held in high stance. You won't have much time to land hits on Sukuna, so make sure they do as much damage as possible. You'll also want the Brute Yokai spirit equipped, and the best armor you have, ideally with some fire and ice protection.

Tips to Beat Ryomen Sukuna

  • Wear down his armor - Sukuna has a lot of armor (represented by the purple bar under his health) that regenerates whenever you enter the flowery Yokai realm. You'll enter this realm several times over the course of the fight, usually triggered when his armor is depleted and he wants to restore it, and fading again some time later. To kill him, you'll need to deplete the red bar, representing his health.
  • Wait for your moment - Play cautiously, keeping your distance and attacking whenever Sukuna finishes an animation, then dive away after landing a couple of hits. Sukuna can hit hard, fast, so you'll always want to have some Ki ready for dodging or blocking his attacks.
  • Use Burst Counter whenever possible - Sukuna's most powerful attacks are signified by a red flash, indicating it's time to hit him with a Burst Counter. This'll do massive damage and interrupt his attack, also giving you time to do a couple of follow-up hits. It's a valid strategy to make Burst Counters your main source of damage, they're that powerful.
  • Use the Crystals - There's blue and red crystals around the arena that'll make your melee weapon more powerful (temporarily) when broken. Don't go out of your way to smash them, they won't make that much of a difference, but they can give you an edge, or be used as brief cover when Sukuna uses a ranged attack on you.
  • Become a Yokai in the Yokai Realm - Sukuna dragging you into the Yokai realm hampers your Ki regeneration significantly, making it the perfect time to activate your Yokai form, which isn't limited by Ki. You can also use to gain a few frames of invincibility if you're about to be hit by one of his more powerful attacks.
  • Summon help! - Even if you don't have an online connection, there's an NPC summon in a dead-end back and to the left of Sukuna's arena. "Sakiri the Shinkage Disciple" doesn't do a lot of damage, but she has a lot of health and will draw Sukuna's attention away from you, a valuable advantage in battle.

Rewards for Beating Ryomen Sukuna

When - or more likely, if - you beat Sukuna, you'll get a lot of Amrita, multiple random weapons and his Soul Core, which allows you to use the spin attack that Sukuna himself probably killed you with half a dozen times. It also makes the end of the mission, sending you back to the map screen.

Ryomen is a challenge with few equals. | Joel Franey, USgamer, Koei Tecmo Games/Team Ninja/Sony Interactive Entertainment

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