Nioh 2: How to Beat the Enenra Boss Fight

Nioh 2: How to Beat the Enenra Boss Fight

The fire Yokai, Enenra, is waiting for you in the Great Forge at the end of Nioh 2's second mission. Here's how to beat it.

As you venture further into Nioh 2, you'll have to fight more and more powerful bosses. The second one, Enenra, is a step above anything you'll have fought so far, but we're here to help. Here's how to beat Enenra and complete "The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames".

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How to Beat the Enenra Boss Fight in Nioh 2

Unlike Mezuki, Enenra has a lot of health and a peculiar range of moves that'll keep you on your toes, fighting at range and trying to control the battle with wide-reaching moves that make whole sections of the arena dangerous. We've amassed some techniques and ideas to keep in mind while going up against them, ranking them according to what we thought the most important tips were.

Summoning and water attacks can make a big difference against Enenra. | Joel Franey, USgamer, Koei Tecmo Games/Team Ninja/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Enenra Weaknesses and Strategies

  1. Enenra is weak to water! If you have any weapons that do water damage, or any Water Amulets to add that effect to your weapons, now is the time.
  2. Enenra's ranged attacks involve throwing groups of small tornados that pull towards the player, and creating glowing orbs on the ground around or in front of him that explode. Drop to low stance in these moments and move fast to avoid them.
  3. If you're having trouble, remember to summon an ally if there are any outside. They likely won't survive the whole battle, but they can do some damage and, more importantly, act as a good distraction.
  4. When Enenra does melee attacks, we found most of them could be dodged by rolling to his left (or your right). Don't block them if you can avoid it, as his heavy strikes can break your Ki and defense in just a couple of hits.
  5. Just to make things fun, Enenra can teleport. If you see him clap his hands, he's about to reappear beside you, so get ready to deal with that by either preparing to land a heavy attack, or get out of his way.
  6. Like most bosses, Enenra will drag you into the Dark Realm more than once during the fight. Use your Yokai form to power through, or swap to a more defensive, agile form of combat - you'll likely need all the Ki you have to dodge at this point.

Rewards for Beating Enenra

Once defeated, Enenra will drop Amrita, some random items, and his own soul core, which when attuned will allow you to conjure smoke tornados much as he did. It'll also mark the ending of the mission and allow you to proceed onwards, if you're finished here.

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