Nioh 2: How to Beat the Gozuki Boss Fight

Nioh 2: How to Beat the Gozuki Boss Fight

The first optional boss of the game is a real challenge with a real reward. We'll show you how to beat the bull-headed Gozuki.

After completing Nioh 2's tutorial, the second enemy you'll face is the bull demon Gozuki, lumbering around an abandoned cemetery. We'll cover here how to defeat Gozuki, as well as his weaknesses, rewards and abilities.

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How to Beat the Gozuki Bull Yokai in Nioh 2

It's worth mentioning that you don't have to fight Gozuki. In fact, the game assumes you won't! This boss fight is actually a tutorial on how to sprint, which you do by holding down the X button while running. Keep in mind this does deplete your Ki/Stamina bar, but the intended plan is for you to run around Gozuki and go straight on to the path that leads to the river. It's not hard to get around Gozuki; he doesn't notice anything behind him unless you're very close and can't see very far ahead. Just go around the opposite wall behind his back and move on if you don't want to face him; you can always come back later when you're levelled up with better equipment.

Of course, if you've had enough of this bull, you can try to beat him. Be warned - if this is your first time playing, it won't be easy, but it can be done.

Gozuki Strategy and Weaknesses

Gozuki is a powerhouse even stronger than the level's final boss, with a huge health bar and long-reaching attacks that can do massive damage, owing to the tree-sized mace he swings around. We'll cover all his weaknesses, vulnerabilities, strengths and how you can make use of them all.

  • Gozuki's huge mace means he dominates mid-distance battle, but doesn't have many good ranged attacks beyond some rock-slinging. He also doesn't quite have as much control over those who are right up on him, as the mace head is what does damage to you, not the handle. It's dangerous, but by staying right up against him, you can roll around and evade the worst attacks, especially by staying in low stance.
  • Remember to grab your spirit again if he kills you! The little Yokai you kill on the way to him means you'll gain more Amrita/EXP each time, and doing this enough will allow you to level up and get more powerful even if you keep losing. Grabbing your spirit should be the first thing you do before even fighting him, especially considering you need it to use Yokai powers.
  • Gozuki's attacks are difficult to dodge, but nigh-impossible to block, tearing through your defenses and emptying your Ki in two successive hits, leaving you stunned and vulnerable. Practice dodges to keep out of his way, and try rolling into him for many of his attacks - again, he struggles to deal with enemies who are too close.
  • The only time you should stand up to Gozuki is when using your Burst Counter (L1+O). When he flashes red, immediately hit him with that (assuming you have the Anima for it), to stun him, do damage and deplete a lot of his Ki.
  • Gozuki's worst move is one where he'll lower his horns and try to charge/gore you. It carries across the map, has very little warning beyond him briefly pawing the ground with his hooves, and can kill you instantly. If you see him doing this, throw yourself to one side, or try to put some scene geometry like a tree or gravestone between you and him.
  • If he creates a pool of Yokai energy, either deplete it with a Ki Burst or immediately move away from it and try to lure him out of that area.
  • Several of Gozuki's moves have pauses afterwards where he'll below or generally throw a bit of a tantrum. Use these opportunities to hit him two-to-five times depending on the speed of what weapon you're using and your stance, then get ready to duck away again because he'll try to kill you.
You can skirt around Gozuki - until he spots you. | Joel Franey, USgamer, Koei Tecmo Games/Team Ninja/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Rewards for Defeating Gozuki

When defeated, Gozuki will drop a lot of Amrita, likely enough to level up more than once, depending on how powerful you are. He'll also drop half a dozen pieces of random armor and weapons, some of which are likely to be purple rarity, making them very valuable. Perhaps most notably, you'll receive the Village Cemetery Key, which opens the gate on the left of the path ahead, allowing you access to the main village itself. Gozuki will also no longer respawn (unless you restart the whole mission), meaning that you can go through this area safely after this point.

The key Gozuki drops gives you access to the village on the left. | Joel Franey, USgamer, Koei Tecmo Games/Team Ninja/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Here at USG we've unleashed the demon within, and now we're positively overflowing with Nioh 2 content. You can check out Mike's review of the game here, or take a look at Kat's interview with the game's producer, Fumihiko Yasuda.

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